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An athlete is coached to avoid getting too excited or too down during the contest. They are to remai...Read More


It’s time to build the church! Not with bricks and mortar, but through power and obedience to ...Read More

Help Fight Hunger!

Help us win $1 million to fight hunger in Columbus, Georgia! Through April 30, 2012, Walmart is laun...Read More

Elder's Corner - Reflecting Light

From my early years as a child I have always favored daylight over darkness. Whatever the source of ...Read More

Thad's Now on Twitter!

Thad has stepped into the world of Twitter!  Follow him now @TThadSmith ...Read More

Hope Now

Easter brings hope. The day, season and story signal better days ahead. better days Imagine how des...Read More

Elders Corner

On Easter Sunday, Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, His triumph over deat...Read More