Archives for July 2012

Welcome David and Brad

David Kelly and Brad Williams officially start their temporary terms of service at Morningside this ...Read More

How Firm a Foundation

What a blessing it is to have a firm foundation to rely on, to stand on, and to build on. The hymn r...Read More

Loving Our Neighbors

Exciting opportunities are around the corner! We have the leadership in place that is helping us to ...Read More

Packs of Grace

Morningside’s PACKS OF GRACE ministry, formally known as Backpack Blessings, is about to begin...Read More

The Morningside Ride

Rider, enthusiast or no, everybody ought to know the Harley-Davidson story. The nuances tell you som...Read More

What's Going on with Family Matters?

How satisfying will it be to hear small children and see young families in new children’s spac...Read More

Pursuit of Happiness

Many people spend their whole lives in the pursuit of happiness. Some seek happiness by drinking, us...Read More

Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship, what a great name for a fresh run at a time-tested method of outreach and growth! ...Read More