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Increasing Our Faith

God makes his presence known to the world on a daily basis. With faith, we can recognize the miracle...Read More

Loving Our Neighbors

The Bible tells us to love your neighbor as yourself. However, I imagine many of us have neighbors w...Read More

Tales from a Struggling Marriage

"Tales from a Struggling Marriage" - That ought to grab your attention! You didn't know that I had a...Read More


In preparing for our Bible Fellowship class two weeks ago I thought the lesson writer used one of th...Read More


In I Peter 3:15, Peter wrote to his primarily Gentile audience instructing them to set Christ aside ...Read More


By calling ourselves Christians, we are saying we are “like Christ.” If we take a hard l...Read More


I can still taste the country ham my grandmother served us for breakfast when we would visit her on ...Read More

Upcoming Revival

ELDERS CORNER Eleven years ago we were attacked by people who had the intention of destroying the A...Read More

Lost Pets and Redemption

Have you ever lost a pet? Have you ever had the experience of finding that pet again? I observed thi...Read More

In Love with Jesus

Have you ever met someone who was completely and fervently in love with Jesus? I’m talking 100...Read More

Praying for Revival

One of the best things about revival is there will be a genuine response by people to serve God's Wi...Read More


Just as Satan tempted even in the Garden of Eden, all Christians struggle with temptation. We live i...Read More


I heard on the news this week that school has started back in some counties and starts back in Musco...Read More

How Firm a Foundation

What a blessing it is to have a firm foundation to rely on, to stand on, and to build on. The hymn r...Read More

Loving Our Neighbors

Exciting opportunities are around the corner! We have the leadership in place that is helping us to ...Read More

Pursuit of Happiness

Many people spend their whole lives in the pursuit of happiness. Some seek happiness by drinking, us...Read More

July 4th

Can you believe we have reached the mid-way point of 2012? It is at this time of year that we annual...Read More

Kids Week. Nursery Duty. Family Matters. Father's Day. Summer Vacation.

At this time of year, children (and grandchildren) are on our minds and all around the house. I had ...Read More

Founding Fathers

With the Fourth of July around the corner, the question can be asked, "Do our leaders today compare ...Read More


In the gospel of John chapter 9 Jesus shared with his disciples this truth, “While I am in the...Read More

Family Roots

My family and I have been members of Morningside since 1984. We have seen growth and changes, and we...Read More

A Prayer for Faith

Oh Father in Heaven, Thank you for everything you do for us; thank you for your Word and the exampl...Read More


An athlete is coached to avoid getting too excited or too down during the contest. They are to remai...Read More

Elder's Corner - Reflecting Light

From my early years as a child I have always favored daylight over darkness. Whatever the source of ...Read More

Elders Corner

On Easter Sunday, Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, His triumph over deat...Read More

Elders Corner

Faithfulness hinges upon what we value as important combined with commitment. We have a powerful ten...Read More

Elders Corner

The DiscipleNow (DNow) 2012 event is officially over but for those youth who had their lives changed...Read More