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Decision Sunday

What is Decision Sunday about? I thought we, as a church, decided this matter already? Already, the...Read More

The Epic Motorcycle Ride

The epic ride, the one Chairman of Deacons, Mike Allmond and I started on May 15, ended in the Bay A...Read More

A Swift, Significant Five Years

Five years translates as 60 months, 260 weeks or 1,825 days. Any way you interpret it, time flies by...Read More

Duck Dynasty - Family Matters

Family Matters Update Sunday, April 14 at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, April 14 at 5:00 p.m. (for preschool & children's Bible Fellowship teachers) Sunday, April 21 at 5:00 pm. (for anyone unable to make a previous session)...Read More

MBC Increase Last Month

Morningside began the new year with an increase of almost 8% in worship participation over last year...Read More

The Rachael Stevens Story

When I heard of Rachael’s sickness – last spring – I immediately thought, what!? H...Read More


A number of Morningside men stand ready to set the pace next year and beyond. During the past few we...Read More

A DECEMBER TO...PLAN (sorry about the rhyme)

Remember (there it is), people are more open to the things of God, during the Christmas season, than...Read More

Fan Day Follow Up

Fan Day felt great! What a great day for Morningside and what a great time to consider a few follow-...Read More

A September to Remember

This month brought a number of good things to Morningside. The good things came in various shapes an...Read More

Steve Hale

I met Steve Hale twenty years ago. He preached a powerful message then so I expect the same unction ...Read More


The final phrase of Hebrews 4:13 packs a punch and impacts everything we say and do as followers of ...Read More

Welcome David and Brad

David Kelly and Brad Williams officially start their temporary terms of service at Morningside this ...Read More

The Morningside Ride

Rider, enthusiast or no, everybody ought to know the Harley-Davidson story. The nuances tell you som...Read More

What's Going on with Family Matters?

How satisfying will it be to hear small children and see young families in new children’s spac...Read More

Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship, what a great name for a fresh run at a time-tested method of outreach and growth! ...Read More

Family Matters Update

Family Matters helps MBC realize a dream, a big dream that the church saw 23 years ago. Family Matte...Read More

Hope Now

Easter brings hope. The day, season and story signal better days ahead. better days Imagine how des...Read More

Heart of the Matter

The Bible says a lot about your money and your heart. Neither belong to you yet both lie under your ...Read More

Family Matters Now

This vision started long ago. I was 12 months old in 1962… the vision started with the people...Read More

Where Columbus Families Worship

The family has always been under attack. The Adversary ambushed the first family but Adam and Eve, C...Read More

Meet David Kelly

David Kelly has served as a Minister of Music for over 17 years. His last full-time ministry role wa...Read More