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This is a wonderful resourse: www.peacewithgod.net

The greatest privilege a Christian has is leading someone to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We never know when a chance encounter becomes a divine appointment for us to share the faith and give someone the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Being prepared for those conversations and ready to help a person walk through that process is essential.

God’s Bridge to Eternal Life: www.majestic-media.com/nasb.htm

Steps to Peace with God: www.fishthe.net/steps/steps1.htm

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

We welcome guest speaker, Steve Franz (www.stevefranzministries.com), to Morningside to speak
in both worship services. Steve brings a refreshing reminder concerning relational outreach. There are individuals we already know and interact with on a regular basis who sense in their spirit a need to connect with a church and learn more about beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ. They want to have this conversation and they want to talk to someone who will have compassion on them. Our friendship opens the door to invest in their lives, leading them to the savior.