2022 Bible Study Class

wednesdays @ 6pm | Beginning August 17

Every person in the Bible is a supporting actor in God's story—each revealing who God is and what His will is for human beings both then and now. In these characters, we see a glimpse of ourselves, coming to understand our failings, our potential, and God's purpose through it all. The first volume of characters, The Patriarchs, examines some of the best-known characters in all the Bible. Through understanding not only the stories but the historical and social contexts of people like Abraham, Noah, and Joseph, we see the nature of faith and what it means to believe in a God who is still telling His story through His people today.

Session 1 Topics

1. Adam and eve: the first humans
2. noah: the lone righteous man
3. abraham: the man who followed god
4. isaac: the miracle child
5. jacob: father of the twelve tribes of israel
6 joseph: the forgiving Leader