30 days of prayer

In the lives of churches as in the lives of people, we find seasons of plenty and seasons of pruning. As believers, we trust that in every season God is working to bring about his good purposes for us. He is faithful!

Watch the video Below as pastor jonathan shares his heart and prayer for the next chapter for our student ministry space!

The good news of Jesus Christ is meant to be shared! As I look to the future of Morningside Baptist, I envision one generation preparing another generation to carry on the same mission of knowing Christ and making him known. The Scriptures remind us that this is how God works:

One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

On Sunday October 25, I called all of you to enter into a 30-day season of prayer as we consider how the Lord would have us invest ourselves in the Next Generation. Every day from now until November 22, I invite you to pray and seek the Lord’s will for them. Ask him to show you what he wants us to do!

May the Lord bring us together around his heart, his mind, his will for his church!

Join me each week in November as we prepare to love, live, and give to God Freely!

- Pastor Jonathan

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