All THings new

Our world is broken. We see it everywhere we look, the signs that everything is not alright - that we are not alright. How did things get this way? What went wrong? If God is good, why is life so hard?

To everyone willing to listen, God is telling the story of this world, his world. The world may be broken - we may be broken - but the Hero of our story is hard at work making all things new. He will finish his work one day. His invitation to you is to let him work on you and in you, for you and through you, until the glorious final chapter comes to pass.

Don't miss a single chapter in this epic 14-week retelling of the story behind the history of the world. 

January 8, 2023 - April 9, 2023

Pastor Jonathan Badgett, Phil Martin & zach walsh

Chapter 14: When glory shines

april 9, 2023

This Easter Sunday, we will catch a glimpse of the first chapter in God’s new story, the never-ending story, yet to come. Things will be different—so different, in fact, that it’s difficult to imagine. But at the center of everything, God’s glory will shine through his Son and forever King, our Savior and Champion, Jesus Christ, the glorious Lamb! 

God’s glory will shine on his people forever on the face of Jesus!

Revelation 21:9—22:7  

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 13: our world, renewed

april 2, 2023

At the beginning of this story, God created the heavens and the earth. At the end of the story, God will make a new heaven and earth in place of the old. He’ll separate everything that belongs to him from everything that doesn’t. Then, the “ending” will be God’s new beginning! 

When he’s done making all things new, God will start a new story in his new creation!

Revelation 20:11—21:8

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 12: When creation groans

march 26, 2023

The Serpent, crushed. Sin, slain. Death itself, put to death. But wait, the story isn’t over yet! God in Christ has defeated all our enemies, but he’s not finished making all things new. Life is different now since Jesus died and rose again. What hasn’t changed is our total dependence on him as everything groans in anticipation of glorious chapters yet to come! 

Ready for the end of the story? Not so fast—there’s still work to be done! 

Romans 8:14-28

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 11: The darkness, Defeated

march 19, 2023

It is time. Night is over. Darkness’s long reign has finally ended. The God who is making all things new—who cleansed the land, freed his people, established his kingdom, and spoke his promise—has defeated the unholy trinity: he has crushed the Serpent, slain the Enemy, and put Death itself to death.

God in Christ has defeated the darkness! Come! Walk in the Light!  

Acts 13:13-49

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 10: when hearts weep

march 12, 2023

God is Almighty. He is the Promise-Maker and Promise-Keeper. We are designed to worship Him. When we forget who He is and the promises He’s made, our waiting becomes weariness and weeping. But God reminds us that He is faithful to keep His promises and comfort us while we wait for Him. 

When weeping and weariness comes, remember who God is and tell about His goodness.
Lamentations 2:11, 3:17-18

Phil Martin

Chapter 9: A promise, spoken

march 5, 2023

We faltered. We failed. We fell. All of us. We have broken faith with our Creator. Now, there is nothing we can do to make things right. All our hope now rests in the mercy of our Maker. He is good, and he is great. Surely he saw this coming. Perhaps, if we wait on him… 

God sees our need and he will make a way… if we only trust his promises.

Isaiah 52:13—53:12  

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 8: when worship dies

february 26, 2023

What has become of God’s kingdom? Where are the people who listen for his voice, who keep faith with him, who worship him according to his goodness and his greatness? As they did in the garden, God’s people have again rejected him and listened instead to the Serpent. 

When God’s people no longer listen for his voice, they are no longer God’s people.

Jeremiah 11:1-23

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 7: a kingdom, established

february 19, 2023

Since the beginning, God has longed for a people who will keep faith with him as he works to make all things new. He will take those people and use them build his kingdom. It was always his plan that human beings would rule as his representatives in the world! 

God’s chosen king will choose God to rule as King of his kingdom!

2 Samuel 7:1-29

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 6: when love fades

february 12, 2023

God is great, and also good. So, it’s nice to have him on our side! But the covenant requires that we stay on God’s side too—that we keep faith with him. As it turns out, this is much harder than any of us realize. The first thing to go? Our memories. 

As our memories fade, so too does our ability to keep faith with God.

1 Samuel 8:1-22

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 5: A people, freed

february 5, 2023

War! God predicted there would be conflict, but no one imagined how bad it would get. When God steps in to free his people from the stranglehold of the Serpent, his invitation is always the same: Will you keep faith with the God who set you free? 

When God sets us free, he calls us to show the world who he really is.

Exodus 19:1-9

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 4: The Calling 

January 29, 2023

Genesis 12:1-5, Genesis 15:1-6, Genesis 21:1-7, Genesis 22:1-19 

Zach Walsh

Chapter 3: The land cleansed 

January 22, 2023

Breaking faith with God will never result in blessings, but curses and corruption. Left unchecked, corruption would consume the whole world. It almost did once long ago, until God stepped in to relieve the curse and cleases the land of corruption. 

God cares about the earth - he's working to cleanse and redeem his broken world!

Genesis 6:1-8:22

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Chapter 2: When Blood Cries 

January 15, 2023

When God made the world, he made us to need each other. But when we broke faith with God, we broke the connection that binds us together. God’s, in love, has established justice to protect the weak and mercy to save the guilty.

God is working to right wrongs—each of us needs his justice and his mercy. 

Genesis 4:1-16 

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

chapter 1: Our World, Broken

January 8, 2023

God made the world to be very good. He made us to be like him and to keep faith with him. When we broke faith with him, we broke the world and ourselves. But God in his goodness and mercy immediately set in motion his eternal plan to renew all things. 

The only hope for this broken world is our good and merciful God!

Genesis 2:4-3:24

Pastor Jonathan Badgett