The lights go on, the music begins to play, and just like that you’re a high school graduate. That light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived. Suddenly, whether you choose college, to enter the work force, or do a gap year, life gets real.

Morningside College and Young Adult group gives individuals a place to come together with other young adults who are living life right along with you. Whether you know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior or if you just have questions and are looking for a place to safely ask them, we are here for you. We seek to understand the Bible in cultural context and apply it to today’s world. We also work closely with the local colleges to help you on your college and discipleship journey.

Sundays: 9-9:15 hang out 9:20 Bible Study Fellowship
Life group starting soon

6065 Morningside Drive
This group meets upstairs in the Family Center, which is off Frazier Drive, behind the sanctuary.
Feel free to stop by the café for a cup of coffee. Coming off the elevator follow the hall all the way to the end, last room on the left.

S.S.S.-Super Second Sunday Lunch we will gather at a cheap place for lunch.
Spa Girls’ night
New Merry Thanksmas party
Christmas tree farm S’mores night
Service weekend