As God’s people we seek:

To Know Christ and Make Him Known

Jesus told his disciples, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” We believe Jesus’ words are still true today. And we are confident that the same Jesus who lived and died and rose again will make God known to us today. More than this, he has brought us into a relationship with God by his sacrificial death on the cross, having forgiven our sins and made us new in him.

Jesus has called each of us to know him better and love him more fully. We do this, in part, by taking up his commission to share with others what he’s done not only for us but for the whole world. He didn’t live and die for us because of anything we had done for him. Rather, he wants us all to see and know the glory of his amazing grace. He wants everyone to receive the same gift of grace!

We believe that God cares a great deal about how we accomplish the job he’s given us. What matters to him matters to us. More than this, we are convinced that if we remain clear on what matters most, we will be more likely to accomplish all that he has for us. So, we care about:

Sharing God’s love and truth with others.

We call this Outreach and Missions.

Growing to be more like Jesus.

We call this Transformational Discipleship.

Giving God the glory he deserves.

This is what focuses and gives meaning to our Worship.

Showing a genuine concern for the needs of others.

We accomplish this through our Care and Compassion.

Building each other up in truth and love. 

We call this Team-building.

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These values shape how we go about our mission and define us as a people. Each one comes straight from God’s word, the Bible.