SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

Pastor Jonathan Badgett & Pastor Zach Masdon


SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

My family defines not only who I am but also how I live, parent and act as a role model to others.

Deuteronomy 4:9, Deuteronomy 6:4-9


My Sexuality & Me

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

What is sexual identity and what does the Bible teach us about the drives, desires, and dives of human sexuality? Watch to learn how Christ is purifying his people to make his kingdom—his body—holy.

1 Corinthians 7:1-11

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

My Tribe & Me

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

How can we think biblically about race in light of who Christ is and who he calls us to be? Watch to learn how Christ is unifying his people to bring people to his kingdom.

Ephesians 2:11-22

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

My Politics & Me


What is the difference between being political and being partisan and how does Jesus call us to use our influence as believers? Watch to learn how Christ is shaping his people to draw others into his kingdom. 

1 Peter 2:4-17

Pastor Jonathan Badgett


AUGUST 2, 2020 - AUGUST 30, 2020

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Me & You in Thirty-two

AUGUST 30, 2020

The man after God’s own heart may have lost his way, but he found his way back! Watch to learn how God’s love works to transform every “me” into who he wants us to be.

Psalm 32

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

The Me I Refuse to See

AUGUST 23, 2020

David became blind to who he had become, so God sent him Nathan to help him see clearly again! Watch to learn how God will give every “me” strength to face the truth we’d rather not see.

2 Samuel 12:1-15

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

The Incredible Shrinking Me

AUGUST 16, 2020

King David’s sin didn’t just affect him—it diminished everyone his sin touched, and yet… Watch to learn how God will give meaning to every “me"—worth that no one can erase.

2 Samuel 11

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Why You Can’t See Me Accurately

AUGUST 9, 2020

Not even David’s family could see what God saw in the man after his own heart! Watch to learn how the truth of who we are may be a mystery to others, but never to God.1 

Samuel 17:17-30

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

You & Me in Twenty-three

AUGUST 2, 2020

Long before he was king of Israel, David discovered who he truly was by seeing who God truly is. Watch to learn how our lives have meaning—“me” has meaning—only through relationship to Christ.

Psalm 23

Pastor Jonathan Badgett