LOCAL MISSION Opportunities

The Georgia GOAL program is a way for you to redirect a portion of your state tax dollars to support Truth Spring Academy and provide much needed financial support to their students’ tuition. Through a simple application process, you can redirect a portion of your state tax dollars to support the school. This is money you are already paying but you get to redirect where it goes. You receive a tax credit for the taxes you pre-pay in March to Georgia GOAL and you claim the tax credit when you file your state taxes. Applications should be filed soon as the allocated funds are claimed early. If you have questions, please contact Julie Ann Crane jacrane@morningsidebaptist.com
In the last year, Truth Spring has purchased 12 properties on 6th Avenue. Twelve properties that desperately need to be renovated so that we can provide quality, affordable housing to the families of North Highland.  6th Avenue is one of the worst streets in the neighborhood for drug use, prostitution, violence and a general sense of hopelessness.  Truth Spring desires to reclaim this street for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor.  However, this is a project that is bigger than Truth Spring.  Therefore, we are calling out to the body of Christ to help us!  Help us provide a refuge to children who need a safe and quality home.  Help us provide a refuge to families who want the opportunity to remain in North Highland and be developed.

What would it look like for the body of Christ to come together for one week, putting all differences aside, and instead putting all of our resources, talents, and abilities together for the good of a forgotten people?  This would be a powerful message spoken to the people of the North Highland community regarding the unique equipping and empowering God has given to The Church to go into the waste, desolate places of our city and bring the hope, life, and light of Christ.