“I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” (Mat 16:18)

With just a few words Jesus made a few important things very clear. First, the church—our church, *every* church—belongs to him. Either we’re *his* church… or we’re not a church at all. Second, he’s in charge of the building project. So, as we get to work, we can trust him to do the heavy lifting. And finally, though we face a supernatural enemy intent on destroying God’s work, we can count on Jesus himself to defend and empower his people as we work for him!

We’re *his* church. He’s building *us*!

september 12, 2021 - october 10, 2021

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

mychurch works as one!

october 10, 2021

When he calls his people to do God’s will—together as a family of faith—it’s because he wants to build his church. When we work as one family, together, laboring to discern and do the will of God, we join Jesus in his church-building work. Together is better than alone!

Luke 8:19-21

Pastor jonathan badgett

mychurch cares!

october 3, 2021

Jesus builds his church by caring for people’s real needs. Jesus cares about people! He cares enough that his kindness and compassion can look downright wasteful at time. But nothing is wasted that accompanies the message of God’s love for sinners!

Matthew 10:5-8, 40-42

Pastor jonathan badgett

mychurch Worships!

september 26, 2021

Jesus builds his church by calling his people to worship him. He has saved regular people—like you and me—from every sin, every sickness, and every enemy. So, of course he deserves our worship. And this is what he wants from us!

Luke 17:11-19

Pastor jonathan badgett

mychurch GROWS!

september 19, 2021

Jesus builds his church by growing his people. *He* grows *us*. When Jesus does his work of building his church, he takes broken, sinful people—people like you and me—and makes us whole and holy. Of course, we must agree with him. We must allow him to to build us up.

Matthew 16:21-27

Pastor jonathan badgett

mychurch seeks!

september 12, 2021

Jesus builds his church by seeking and saving. *He* seeks and *he* saves. And this is how he builds. When Jesus does his work of building his church, he looks for regular people—like you and me. When he finds someone, he turns their lives upside-down and turns them into his kind of people!

Luke 19:1-10

Pastor jonathan badgett