One & Only

Some people imagine a god, most of us in fact. We make one up. That imaginary “god” becomes our god, and that’s what we worship. But the one true God is not made-up. He exists. He’s real! This God - the God Who Is - has revealed himself to us in his word, the Bible. The Bible, in turn, points us to Jesus as the perfect image and expression of God - the one we look to and listen to if we want to truly see and hear God.

We don’t make up God. He made us! And through Jesus, he invites us to gaze on his beauty and listen in wonder to his voice so that we may worship him, the One & Only. 

January 7, 2024 - february 11, 2024

Pastor Jonathan Badgett


FEBRUARY 11, 2024

Text: - - -
Summary: When we are firmly planted in who Jesus is; declaring and living out the gospel, the church shines brighter, reaches further, and lives change for the better.
Bottom line: Who is Jesus? The Messiah, the Son of the living God.

Pastor Zach WALSH


FEBRUARY 4, 2024

Text: John 6:25-35 (esp. 33-35)
Summary: God is great. He does big, amazing things! But most of the time, he works in small ways that, if we’re not careful, we might miss. God isn’t just great, he’s also good—everyday, in everything. You can trust him to never hold back what your soul needs most.
Bottom line: Jesus is ready with exactly what your soul needs, always, without fail.

Pastor jonathan badgett


january 28, 2024

Text: 1 Peter 2:4-8
Summary: If you want to build something strong, you need a foundation strong enough to carry the weight. Build your life on him, and you’ll be able to handle anything! On the other hand, if you build your life without Jesus, he’s the Rock that will always be in your way.
Bottom line: You can build on Jesus or trip over Jesus… but he’s not going away.

Pastor jonathan badgett


january 21, 2024

Text: John 4:4-15 (emphasis on 13-14)
Summary: “Living water" is a gift that God offers to us through Jesus alone.  What is ‘living water’? It is God himself, come to live his life within us through the Holy Spirit. By faith in Jesus, we are washed clean and filled to overflowing with divine goodness and love.
Bottom line: Come to Jesus and receive God’s gift of new life through Him!

Pastor jonathan badgett


january 14, 2024

Text: Luke 3:5-18
Summary: Fire can be useful… or scary. When under our control, fire gives us light and warmth. But God is not under our control. Scripture teaches that “God is a consuming fire.” How we respond to what Scripture reveals about Jesus determines what in us God’s fire will consume.
Bottom line: Jesus is God’s consuming fire working according to his own judgment and will.

Pastor jonathan badgett

Word & Light

january 7, 2024

Text: John 1:1-5
Summary: Jesus is the Word of God who speaks God's light into existence. There are two kinds of light corresponding to his two acts of creation. In the first act, God made natural light. This is how we see creation. In his second act of creation, the Word spoke again so we could see God. 
Bottom line: If you want to see God, let God's Word-made-flesh speak light into your darkness.

Pastor jonathan badgett