One self, Two Self, old self, new self

Have you ever stopped and counted you? Are you one or are you two? Are you old or are you new?This summer, let Dr. Paul of Tarseuss teach you to read the language of your soul. You’ll learn not only who—and how many—you are. You’ll discover how God is working to transform you into the image of his Son—from two you’s into just one!

june 12, 2022 -

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

your old you's blues

june 19, 2022

It’s tough to imagine why anyone would want to hang on to an Old You. Stuck down underground, an Old You is a miserable, ugly thing; not quite dead, not hardly alive, the Old You is pitiful and lonely. The best thing for an Old You is to put it out of its misery!

Romans 6:6-8

Pastor Jonathan badgett

to ephesuess, with love

june 12, 2022

Have you ever heard of the old self and the new self? Can you tell the difference between true and false desires? Do you know how to renew “the spirit of your mind”? Let Dr. Paul of Tarseuss teach you how to speak the language of your soul!

Ephesians 4:22-24

Pastor Jonathan badgett