planting season

It is a law of God's creation that seasons of harvest always follow seasons of planting. We all long for the harvest season. There's nothing better than savoring the fruits of our labors! We have been looking ahead at the future for Morningside and considering how we will plant today so that we may harvest good fruit in the seasons to come. 

October 15, 2023 - November 19, 2023

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

That god be praised

november 19, 2023

Text: Hebrews 13:15-16 
Summary: God wants our worship. Not because he needs it! God invites us to value what is valuable, honor what is honorable, starting with Jesus. When we worship him with our lips and honor him with our lives, we show the watching world what—or rather who—matters most. 
Bottom line: Envision a future that’s full of worship, forever… but don’t wait, let’s start now!

Pastor jonathan badgett

that seed be sown

november 12, 2023

Text: 2 Corinthians 9:6
Summary: God is a generous gift-giver. He’s so generous, in fact, he gives us gifts even when we forget it’s him doing the giving. God’s best gift ever: his Son, Jesus. He’s the Gift that keeps on giving! God invites each of us to give like Jesus, happily, generously, sacrificially.
Bottom line: When we look for what we can give—not what we can spare—God is glorified!

Pastor jonathan badgett

that likewise be done

november 5, 2023

Text: Luke 10:37b
Summary: Jesus told his followers to listen to his teachings and learn them well. But Jesus did more than teach, he also demonstrated. God’s invitation to us is this: Study Christ’s example of mercy toward others, then go and do likewise.
Bottom line:  God himself will give us the opportunities to show mercy to others—just like Christ!

Pastor jonathan badgett

that mercy triumph

October 29, 2023

Text: Matthew 9:13
Summary: God has invited every human being into his loving family, regardless of who we are or what we’ve done. For those of us who have received his mercy and forgiveness, God desires that we be eager to extend it to the people around us.
Bottom line: When our priorities follow God’s, Jesus wins!

Pastor jonathan badgett

that ear may hear

October 22, 2023

Text: Revelation 2:7 
Summary: God is speaking! The Holy Spirit is telling each of us exactly what Jesus wants us to hear from him. But life is noisy, and we can be hard of hearing sometimes. Today, we invite you into 30 Days of Prayer that the Spirit would speak and draw you closer to Christ’s will for you. 
Bottom line: The Spirit will always say exactly what Jesus wants us to hear.

Pastor jonathan badgett

that christ be formed

October 15, 2023

Text: Galatians 4:19 
Summary: God's invitation to every human being includes that we become containers for his living presence here on earth. This invitation is for each of us and for all of us. Imagine that! The God of the universe wants to live his life in and through you! 
Bottom Line: We are only human until God in Christ makes his home in us.

Pastor jonathan badgett