Sent: Heaven's Gift

The best gifts can't be bought in the stores or laid under tress. The very best gifts, in fact, can't be found anywhere on earth. Yet these gifts are in the highest demand - not one of us can live without them! They are Hope, Peace, Joy, Love! Like all of Heaven's gifts, they can be received but never taken. And absolutely everything Heaven has to offer can only be found in Jesus Christ!

November 27, 2022 - January 1, 2023

November 26, 2023 - December 24, 2023

Pastor Jonathan Badgett & zach walsh


heaven‘s gift

December 24, 2023

Text: I Corinthians 12-13
Summary: God is the giver of good gifts. He not only has given us the greatest gift of all, but He also gives us blessings along the way: hope, peace, joy, and love. Jesus is the embodiment of these special gifts and gives to those that come to him.
Bottom line: Jesus, sent to give and comfort.

pastor jonathan badgett

Love seeks

December 17, 2023

Text: Matthew 2:1-12 
Summary: Gifts are a great way to express love. The better we love, the better the gifts we’ll give because we know exactly what to get. God loved us and sent his Son—God’s gift of love is the best gift ever! Now then, what sort of gift might he want from us? 
Bottom line: Love has come! Your gift of love is all you need to bring.

pastor jonathan badgett

joy sings

December 10, 2023

Text: Luke 2:8-20 
Summary: When we celebrate, we sing. Whether it’s for a birthday, a ballgame, or the national anthem, we sing when we’re happy! The weeks before Christmas are all about longing for our Savior, but not this week. This week we interrupt our longing to sing for joy: the Lord has come! 
Bottom line: From angels to shepherds to us, we all have something joyous to sing about!

pastor jonathan badgett

peace shouts

December 3, 2023

Text: Luke 1:67-79 
Summary: In our broken world, conflict is the norm. We wrestle with God, with each other, even within ourselves. With so much conflict around us, peace can be hard to come by. God’s promise—what we’re all waiting for—is that he’ll bring his people into perfect peace. 
Bottom line: When peace breaks out in your life, you won’t keep it to yourself.

pastor jonathan badgett

Hope shines

november 26, 2023

Text: Isaiah 9:1-7 
Summary: When God promises something, he always delivers. If he tells you to hold on—to wait on him and not lose heart—then hold on, friend. While you’re waiting in the darkness, hope is a candle. It’s the light you need to remind you that God is light and he’s on the way. 
Bottom line: Hope isn’t just a feeling—it’s a willingness to wait because God’s not done yet.

pastor jonathan badgett


sent to do the impossible

january 1, 2023

Jesus was sent to make the impossible possible. How can God restore the broken? How can God set the captive free? How can God give purpose to the fallen, and how can God raise up what is dead? The life and actions of Jesus show that the impossible is not only possible but expected when His presence arrives.

Ezekiel 37:1-10

Zach walsh

From Here to Savior

december 25, 2022

What’s the greatest earthly gift you ever received? What made it so special? Did it cost a lot? Was it what you’d always wanted? Is it something you’ve kept and treasured ever since? Now, ask… What makes Heaven’s Gift so special? Did it cost a lot? Is it what you always wanted? And have you kept it and treasured it ever since?

Luke 2:1-20

zach walsh

from outcast to beloved

december 18, 2022

Who in your life accepts you no matter what? Whom do you accept no matter what? For all who have been cast out, God comes to offer love. For those feeling like outcasts, God comes to call them “beloved.” He speaks, he works, he comes to love the outcast!

Matthew 1:18-25

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

from sorrow to joy

december 11, 2022

What does your past hold? Are you worse off now than you were before? For all those full of sorrow, God comes to fill us with joy. For those feeling joyless, God comes to make us sorrow-less. He speaks, he works, he comes to heal the broken past!

Luke 1:39-45

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

from oppression to peace

december 4, 2022

Who in your life has power over you? Over whom do you have power? For all those under oppression, God comes to bring them peace. For those feeling powerless, God comes to make us peaceful. He speaks, he works, he comes to right what’s wrong!

Luke 1:46-55

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

from fear to hope

November 27, 2022

What does the future hold? Will you be better off tomorrow than you are today? For all those full of fear, God comes to fill us with hope. For all those feeling hopeless, God comes to make us fearless. He speaks, he works, he comes to change the future!

Luke 1:68-75

Pastor Jonathan Badgett