Time to plant

According to Jesus' teaching, when we plant seeds of faith, God's kingdom grows. Growing God's kingdom means first growing our faith! Determining when to plant, where, and how much, requires vision from God. For this 3-week series, I invite you to join me in planting fresh seeds of faith according to the vision God has given for his church at Morningside. He is calling each of us to greater faith - not to merely believe, but to begin planting kingdom seed now so that he may reap a harvest in the season to come. 

november 6, 2022 - November 20, 2022

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Kingdom harvest

November 20, 2022

God is inviting us to join him in growing his kingdom! To do so, we must plant seeds of faith in the soil of sacrifice. What comes next? Why, the harvest, of course! But bear in mind: what we plant today will bear fruit in a season yet to come.

John 4:37 (see also 4:33-38)

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Kingdom Soil

November 13, 2022

Faith is like seed. Just like seed, faith needs good soil in which to grow. If faith is like seed, sacrifice is the soil out of which God's good things grow. We know this because of Jesus: both his teaching and his example teach us that faith and sacrifice together grow God's kingdom. 

John 12:24-26

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Kingdom seed

November 6, 2022

Jesus taught that God's kingdom grows when seeds are planted. The kind of seed we need is faith. The time to plant is now. Let God grow your faith to act boldly and courageously, the watch his kingdom grow.

Luke 13:18-19

Pastor Jonathan Badgett