vine and branches

Picture it. An immense grape vine reaching up and around the trellis, leafing out, growing succulent fruit for harvest. This is us—each of us, a part of all of us! Connected and growing together in Jesus. Meanwhile, the fruit that grows in us and between us is Christ’s own love and joy!
Join us for seven weeks as we study and apply Jesus’ teaching on the vine and branches in John 15:1-17. Sign up for a VBG, a Vine & Branches Group. And let God grow his fruit in you as you connect more deeply to Christ!

april 16, 2023 - 

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

tales from the vine

may 28, 2023

Jesus said that God is glorified when we bear the fruit of joy and love in our relationships with others. It’s only right to celebrate what brings God glory! 

God celebrates the fruit he grows in us—we should too!

John 15:1-17 (esp. 8)

pastor Jonathan Badgett

your prayer key

may 21, 2023

Getting to be a friend of Jesus isn’t that difficult. It’s a simple matter of putting Jesus first—his words and his commands. Jesus put the Father first by loving us; we put Jesus first by loving the people around us. When we do so, we make God happy! So, of course, he’s going to be generous to us! 

Your key to answered prayer is simple: love others like Jesus.

John 15:1-17 (esp. 7, 16b)

pastor Jonathan Badgett

Fruit full

may 14, 2023

God’s ultimate aim in saving human beings from sin and death is not merely to give them a home in glory, but to remake them in his divine image. God is love and he created us for love—to receive and to give love like Jesus. We will be doing this glorious work for all eternity! 

Your friendship with Jesus will look just like your relationship with others!

John 15:12-17 (esp. 16a)

pastor Jonathan Badgett

love's steep price

may 7, 2023

Had God “loved” himself more than us, Jesus would never have died for us. In the same way, “loving” ourselves more than we love the people in our life robs them of the love Christ wants for them. Loving others as Christ loved us—that kind of love is costly. 

Love will cost you, but you can never lose the Love that paid all for you!

John 15:12-17

pastor Jonathan Badgett

a well-pruned life

April 30, 2023

Fruitful branches are people who have allowed God to shape them through difficult, often painful life circumstances. Pruning is always followed by increased fruitfulness. When we let God get his hands on us, he never wastes the opportunity. And because God gets glory from the fruit he produces in our lives, it’s okay to celebrate his work! 

In God’s hands, we become more joyful and loving as we suffer pain and loss.

John 15:1-11 (esp. 1-4)

pastor Jonathan Badgett

god's fruitful vine

April 23, 2023

Jesus tells his followers they are “already clean” because they have believed him and taken his words to heart. Sometimes believing we are “clean”—forgiven, whole, connect to God’s love in Christ—can be a challenge for us. We often struggle with guilt and shame even though Christ dwells in us. This guilt and shame will keep us blocked from receiving joy and giving love.

 In Christ, you already have everything you need to be a fruitful part of the vine!

John 15:1-11

pastor Jonathan Badgett

for Joy & for Love

April 16, 2023

Jesus’ picture of the vine and branches is all about connections and relationships among God’s people. Why do relationships matter so much to God? Because, as Jesus reveals to us, our triune God is a divine community in unity—Father, Son, and Spirit—perfectly loving and full of joy! 

Jesus shares his joy with us so we’ll share his love with others!

John 15:1-17

pastor Jonathan Badgett