Why God?

Questioning God isn’t just normal, it’s necessary. God doesn’t just tolerate our questions, he welcomes them! If you’ve been taught to muffle your questions, bury your doubts, or silence your struggles, you were taught wrong. Even Jesus cried out from the cross, “My God, my God, why…?” Let Christ’s example and the teachings of Scripture give you confidence to approach God’s throne of grace with whatever questions you bring! 

September 10, 2023 - October 8, 2023

Pastor Jonathan Badgett & Pastor Zach walsh

will you rescue me?

october 8, 2023

Text: Mark 10:46-52 
Summary: The laments of the Bible give us permission to come before God in our pain with questions of hurt and confusion. We ask, ‘why God?’ like many of our heroes in Scripture. For us today we have been given a clearer picture of God’s intention to use what the enemy meant for evil to turn it for good by looking back in Scripture. While this does not take away the pain and hurts of today, followers of Christ can rest in God’s ultimate plan for rescue. 
Bottom Line: Jesus is rest for your soul.

Pastor zach walsh

what did I do?

october 1, 2023

Text: Job 31
Summary: When we’re hurting, we just want answers, right? Actually, wrong. When we’re hurting we may think we want answers, but what we really want is help. The path from hurt to help is not paved by answers from God or anyone else. We need God to show up!
Bottom line: Don’t settle for answers, when God’s Presence is what you really need.

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

did you lie to me?

september 24, 2023

Text: Jeremiah 20:7-18
Summary: God’s promises are eternal and unshakeable. We are not. We get shaken easily, especially when the pain comes through broken relationships. When the people we most trust turn against us, it gets easier to wonder whether God can really be trusted after all.
Bottom line: God will prove his promises through your pain.

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

What are you doing?

september 17, 2023

Text: Psalm 88 
Summary: Desperation, when it lasts too long, can lead to desolation. A soul too long in agony and isolation begins to darken under the shadow of death. We may lose sight of God’s goodness, his mercy. It’s only natural to ask him, “Why?” 
Bottom line: Great faith will keep you talking to God when he isn’t talking back.

Pastor Jonathan Badgett

Where are you?

september 10, 2023

Text: Psalm 22:1-21
Summary: God is strong. There's none stronger. Imagine fighting a bear, a lion, a giant... and winning! Having God on your side, it's hard to imagine how things could go wrong. But when God doesn't show up for the fight, it's understandable to start asking questions. 
Bottom line: When you can't find God, keep looking! 

Pastor Jonathan Badgett